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Academic publications: Experience

Organisational structures and processes for health and well-being: insights from work integration social enterprise

Market shaping: Understanding the role of non-market actors in social care quasi-markets.

“We’re Still Struggling a Bit to Actually Figure Out What That Means for Government”: An Exploration of the Policy Capacity Required to Oversee Robot Technologies in Australia and New Zealand Care Services

Inequalities in personalisation schemes and plan utilisation.

Advocacy as market stewardship in social care-quasi markets

What is in a form? Examining the complexity of application forms and administrative burden

We’re still struggling a bit actually figure out what that means for government’: An exploration of policy capacity required to oversee robotoic technologies in Australia and New Zealand care services.

 Faceless monster, secret society": Women’s experiences navigating the administrative burden of Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

Women’s experiences of accessing individualized disability supports: gender inequality and Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

 Introduction – Are we ‘administering inequality’ through our welfare systems? 

Navigating network governance: the role of social enterprise in local employment services Public Management Review

Barraket, J., McNeill, J., Campbell, P & Carey, G. (Online First). :

Administering inequality? The National Disability Insurance Scheme and administrative burdens on individuals

Balancing stability and change: Lessons on policy responsiveness and turbulence in the disability sector

The health and well-being impacts of a work integration social enterprise from a systems perspective

Exploring governance tensions of disruptive technologies: the case of care robots in Australia and New Zealand

Telehealth, COVID-19 and Refugees and Migrants in Australia: Policy and Related Barriers and Opportunities for More Inclusive Health and Technology Systems

Should we change the way we think about market performance when it comes to quasi-markets? A new framework for evaluating public service markets

Barriers to policy action on social determinants of health for people with disability in Australia

Why is lived experience important for market stewardship? A proposed framework for why and how lived experience should be included in stewarding disability markets

Improving health care for disabled people in COVID-19 and beyond: Lessons from Australia and England. Disability and Health

Kavanagh, A., Dickinson, H., Carey, G., Llewellyn, G., Emerson, E., Disney, George., Hatton, C. (2020).

Investigating the production and

communication of evidence by the Productivity Commission: Apolitical, political, or somewhere

in between?

Personalisation and pandemic: an unforeseen collision course?

Market stewardship of quasi-markets  by street level bureaucrats: The role of local area coordinators in the Australian personalisation system

Burdensome Administration and Its Risks: Competing Logics in Policy Implementation

Front the frontlines: Public health and a suffocating city

Quasi-market shaping, stewarding and steering in personalization: the need for practice-orientated empirical evidence

Personalisation schemes in social care and inequality: review of the evidence and early theorising

Managing staged policy implementation:

Balancing short-term needs and long-term goals

Personalisation schemes in social care: are they growing social and health


Making personalisation markets work: the issue of pricing.

Social enterprises in quasi-markets: exploring the critical knowledge gaps

Do multilingual androids dream of a better life in Australia? Effectiveness of information technology for government translation to support refugees and migrants in Australia

Measuring dynamic collaborations: Collaborative health assessment tool

The implementation of complex social  policy: Institutional layering and unintended consequences in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Accountability within new public governance and  the case of the Australian National Disability Scheme

Adapting to a marketised system: Network analysis of a personalisation scheme in early implementation. 

Value choices in a mixed economy of care; How politics shapes the implementation of complex social policies.

Strange magic: what can the emergence of 'magic concepts' tell us about policy implementation

Institutional legacies and ‘sticky layers’: what happens in cases of transformative change?

Time to dismiss the idea of a structural fix within government? An analysis of intersectoral action for health in Danish municipalities

The Personalisation Agenda: The case of the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme

Structural changes to the public sector and cultural incompatibility: the consequences of political decisions and inadequate change management.

Feminism, Gender, and Power Relations in Policy – Starting a New Conversation

Implications of work time flexibility for health

Working the spaces in between: lessons from a boundary-spanning model to help facilitate cross-sectoral policy work Australian

How might inequalities in the social determinants of health be redressed or entrenched during policy implementation? Examining the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme

Methods for delivering complex social services: exploring adaptive management and regulation in the context of the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Unintended Consequences of Structural Change: When Formal and Informal Institutions Collide in Efforts to Address Wicked Problems

A longitudinal study of the implementation experiences of the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme: investigating transformative policy change

The vexed question of market stewardship in the public sector: examining equity and the social contract through the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

Accountability in public service quasi-markets: The case of the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme

Generating political priority for regulatory interventions targeting obesity prevention: an Australian case study

What can feminist theory offer policy implementation challenges? 

Investigating the institutional norms and values of the Productivity Commission:  The 2012 and 2015 childcare inquiries

Managing social and health care integration during the implementation of large-scale reforms: the case of the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

Preventing dysfunction and improving policy advice: the role of intra-departmental boundary spanners

Policy Change for the Social Determinants of Health: The Strange Irrelevance of Social Epidemiology.   

What is policy and where do we look for it when we want to research it?

Re-conceptualising Public Health Interventions in Government

The ‘Practice Entrepreneur’ – An Australian case study of a systems approach to health promotion

What do we mean by structure when we talk about structural influences on the social determinants of health and health outcomes? 

Systems science, systems thinking and complexity theory for public health: a systematic review of the field  

What Explains Trends in Australian Working-Time Arrangements in the 2000s? 

Evaluating for impact – What type of data can assist a Health Promoting School approach? 

Can the sociology of social problems help us to understand and manage lifestyle drift? 

The many types of universalism and policy targeting

Gender in public administration: looking back and moving forward

Understanding the role of public administration in implementing action on the social determinants of health and health inequities

Developing management practices to support joined-up governance

Adaptive Policymaking for Health Equity

Towards health equity: a framework for the practical application of proportionate universalism

Systems change for the social determinants of health

The powerful pull of policy targeting: examining residualisation in Australia

 What works in joined-up government? An evidence synthesis 

Implementing Joined-up Government: Lessons from the Australian Social Inclusion Agenda

Action on the social determinants of health: Views from inside the policy process.

Help or hindrance? The social services sector and the ‘social determinants of health’

Creating change in government to address the social determinants of health: how can efforts be improved?

Top-down approaches to joined-up government: examining the unintended consequences of weak implementation

Contemporary contestations over working time: time for health to weigh in

Inequities in the freedom to lead a flourishing and healthy life: time for a progressive social protections framework

Partnering with not-for-profit organisations in Australia: critical issues for health promotion

Fair and just or just fair? Examining models of government–not-for-profit engagement under the Australian Social Inclusion Agenda

The Australian Government’s ‘Social Inclusion Agenda’: the intersection between public health and social policy

Investigating the health implications of social policy initiatives at the local level: study design and methods

Exploring the effects of government funding on community-based organisations: ‘Top-down’ or ‘bottom-up’ approaches to health promotion?

Spaces of care in the third sector: Understanding the effects of professionalisation

Jack-of-all-trades, master of none: Postgraduate perspectives on interdisciplinary health research in Australia

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